aka G.C.H.F.C



  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                            JANUARY 3
  • GAMES NIGHT                                                                                      JANUARY 26
  • ZOUP OFF                                                                                               JANUARY 28
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL**                                                                    FEBRUARY 4
  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                             FEBRUARY 7
  • HUNTERS DAY                                                                                       FEBRUARY 24
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL**                                                                    FEBRUARY 25
  • ANNUAL MEETING                                                                              MARCH 10
  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                             APRIL 3
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL**                                                                    APRIL 13
  • 70TH ANNIVERSARY/SPRING DANCE                                          APRIL 20
  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                             MAY 1
  • WORKDAY/SEMI-ANNUAL ROAD CLEANUP                              MAY 4
  • **PRIVATE EVENT**                                                                        MAY 5
  • **PRIVATE EVENT**                                                                    MAY 8
  • PAINT N SIP NIGHT                                                                             MAY 9
  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP                                                                  JUNE 5
  • PICNIC/FISH FRY                                                                                 JUNE 15
  • **PRIVATE EVENT**                                                                    JUNE 18
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL**                                                                    JUNE 24
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL**                                                                    JUNE 26
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL/WEDDING**                                           JULY 6
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL(evening) **                                            JULY 12
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL**                                                                        JULY 13
  • **PRIVATE RENTAL**                                                                        JULY 14
  • DANA K & THE REMEDY CONCERT SERIES                               JULY 26
  • **PRIVATE EVENT (EVENING) **                                              AUGUST 12
  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                            SEPTEMBER 4
  • CORN ROAST/CAMPOUT                                                                  SEPTEMBER 7
  • HI-POWER SHOOT                                                                              SEPTEMBER 14
  • **PRIVATE PARTY**                                                                       OCTOBER 10
  • OKTOBERFEST                                                                                     OCTOBER 11-19
  • OKTOBERFEST TEARDOWN 12-4PM                                            OCTOBER 27
  • MONTHLY  MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                           NOVEMBER 6
  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                            DECEMBER 4
  • FAMILY CHRISTMAS                                                                           DECEMBER 7


  • HUNTERS AGM                                                                                    FEBRUARY 2
  • ZOUP OFF (ZOUPER BOWL)                                                            FEBRUARY 9
  • HUNTERS DAY                                                                                     FEBRUARY 22
  • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                              MARCH 9
  • SPRING DANCE                                                                                   APRIL 19
  • WORKDAY/ ROAD CLEANUP                                                         MAY 3
  • PICNIC/FISHFRY                                                                                JUNE 14
  • CORN ROAST/CAMPOUT                                                                 SEPTEMBER 6
  • HI -POWER SHOOT                                                                            SEPTEMBER 13
  • OKTOBERFEST SETUP/ROAD CLEANUP                                   OCTOBER 4-5
  • **PRIVATE PARTY**                                                                     OCTOBER 9
  • OKTOBERFEST                                                                                    OCTOBER 10-18
  • FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY                                                          DECEMBER 9                                                                      



Jägertag/ Hunters’ Day:

Held the last Rabbit Hunting Saturday in February. Hunters head back to the clubhouse and are joined by other members for some refreshments and hold the annual Kappenversteigerung or Hat Auction.


Held in March on a Sunday afternoon. Our AGM is the summary of the previous year’s happenings. All events and upgrades are reported as well as the financials. The Budget for the coming year is also presented in the first part of the meeting. The Elections for Half of the Board of Directors takes place. A Light Supper is provided for all members in attendance.

Frühlingstanz/ Spring Dance:

Held in the spring. This event replaced the Hasenpfeffer which was the oldest event that started March 3, 1954. Crowning “Miss Hubertushaus” is the highlight of the day and many of the previous “Misses” are in attendance. It is a ticketed event. Contact the entertainment committee for your ticket.

Arbeitstag/ Work Day:

Held in April/May. All members are welcome to clean up the grounds as well as the hall. Miss Hubertushaus accompanies the youth on the Road Clean Up. Come out and share your work ethics with fellow members and enjoy a prepared lunch.

Fish Fry:

The very first fish fry was held September 28, 1963 featuring our very own fish from the pond. Later it moved to Honey Harbour where the annual Father /Son Fishing Derby ran for many years before settling back home. It is now held in conjuntion with the summer Club Picnic. This is an at the door ticketed event but early RSVPs are sometimes necessary.

Club Picnic/ Golf Tournament:

Held the Saturday of Father’s Day Weekend in conjunction with the Transylvania Club and Schwaben Club. Food is barbecued and plated for a fee. There are children’s games and a friendly horseshoe tournament in the afternoon. Volunteering this day ensures you get a behind-the-scenes perspective of the club.


In 1984 we celebrated our first Oktoberfest and joined K-W Oktoberfest in 1985. We have been the recipient of numerous awards over the years for best food, entertainment, hospitality, decorations and overall Bavarian atmosphere. Bogenschutzen is the longest running cultural event of KW Oktoberfest which began early 1970. Saturday is the Eagle shoot. Archers use blunt nose arrows to break off pieces of the eagle. Sunday archers test their skill on the running deer/boar. Hubertushaus is run by volunteers that are smart served certified and knowledgeable in all areas. The grandest area is Gemuetlichkeit. Set up is always the Saturday before opening day. Miss Hubertushaus will accompany the youth on the fall Road Clean Up. Tear down is always the immediate Sunday after closing. Remember many hands make light work.

Jägerball/ Hunters’ Ball:

Held in the fall after the big game hunt. Traditionally Sauerbraten –a marinated beef roast- is served with all the trimmings. Sportsman and Woman of the Year awards are presented. Seven Castles, our house band entertains us thru the rest of the night. Tickets are available thru the entertainment committee in advance.

Children’s Christmas Party:

Held the second Sunday in December. All member’s children and grandchildren are welcome. Sing-a-long, games, crafts, light lunch, snacks, and a magical visit from Santa complete with a gift fills the afternoon. Register the children with the entertainment committee (inform how many adults will accompany the children).

Adult Christmas Party:

Held the second Saturday in December. A traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings served country style and topped off with the homemade desserts. Seven Castles starts the evening off with a German Christmas Sing-a-long and delights us with music into the wee hours. This is the one of the favourite events of the year. Christmas decorating starts right after the Jägerball to let all the hall renters enjoy the festive season in our beautiful hall. Call the entertainment Directors for tickets and times.

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