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Our Team


President: Janet Kunsch  email: gchfc.president@gmail.com,

Vice- President: Joe Tetreault  email: gchfc.vicepresident@gmail.com

Treasurer: Cindy Flannery email: gchfc.treasurer@gmail.com,

Bar Director: Derek Crozier email: gchfc.bar@gmail.com

Oktoberfest Director: Jen Schilling email: hubertushaus.tickets@gmail.com

Grounds and Facility Director: Tyler Kindt email: gchfc.grounds@gmail.com

Director of Club News: Amber Banderob  email: gchfc.bulletin@gmail.com

Entertainment Directors: Lexa Kadlecik & Paula Kadlecik email: gchfc.entertainment@gmail.com

Sports Director: Mike Head email: gchfc.sports@gmail.com

Membership Director: Cody Leavell email: gchfc.membership@gmail.com

Marketing Director: Jenny Malcolm email: gchfc.marketing@gmail.com

Board Members:

Back Row: Mike Head, Cody Leavell, Lexa Kadlecik, Joe Tetreault, Janet Kunsch, Tyler Kindt, Jen Schilling, Derek Crozier 

Seated: Amber Banderob, Cindy Flannery, Jenny Malcolm

Absent: Paula Kadlecik

Miss Hubertushaus 2023

It’s such an honour to be standing in front of you all tonight as Miss. Hubertushaus 2024, and I just wanted to extend my gratitude for this opportunity. 

I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I was a little girl and I know it makes my Oma and Opa very proud to be seeing me up here tonight, especially since my Opa was among the four members that started Oktoberfest here at the club. It really is a pleasure to continue this tradition, as my mom, Tanya, who many of you know, was the first Miss. Hubertushaus, and now I have the opportunity to be a miss as well. Oktoberfest has always had a special place in my heart, as I have so many fond memories as a kid at Hubertus House. 

To share a bit about myself, I’m a grade 12 student at Bluevale. Outside of school, I love going to the gym, running, biking, doing art, shopping and being outside. I enjoy volunteering as well. Lexa already mentioned my involvement at the cake stand the past two years, but I’ve also done a lot of volunteering for local bike trails, events, and mountain bike coaching. I’m looking forward to this year, as it’s the beginning to many new journeys in my life including attending University in September. I’m excited to be Miss. Hubertushaus 2024, as this is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Thank you to everyone on the committee who have given me this opportunity, I truly am very grateful, and thank you to my friends and family for supporting me. This is a big responsibility that I am looking forward to taking on, and I am positive that this year’s Oktoberfest will be unforgettable. I know many new memories will come of it that will last a lifetime. Thank you.