Our Team


President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Bar Director, Oktoberfest Director, Grounds and Facility Director, Director of Club News, Entertainment Directors, Sports Director, Membership Director, Director of Club News, Hall Marketing Director


Board Members: Derek Crozier, Liz Hirn-Crane, Janet Kunsch, Cindy Flannery, Joe Tetreault, Mike Head, Cody Leavell, Lexa Kadlecik, and Jen Schilling 

Absent: Jenny Malcolm, Amber Banderob, and Joe Koch


Miss Hubertushaus 2019

My name is Maddy and I’m excited to be Miss Hubertushaus 2019. I have been volunteering at the club since 2012 when my opa, Helmut Banderob first suggested I do it to get my volunteer hours. After my first year, I was hooked and have volunteered ever since! The atmosphere at Hubertushaus during Oktoberfest is what I look forward to each year, especially the food. Having the chance to be Miss Hubertushaus this year means a lot to me.

Aside from the club, I absolutely love animals and have been working in the veterinary field for 6+ years. My boyfriend and I live in Waterloo and have our own little zoo at home which keeps me busy. When I do get a break from the animals, I enjoy spending time outside and visiting with friends and family.

I plan on going back to school in the future to become a Veterinarian technician as well as a dental hygienist.

I look forward to what the next year has in store for me and meeting lots of new people as I represent Hubertushaus. Can’t wait to see you out at Hubertushaus!