Our Team


President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Bar Director, Oktoberfest Director, Grounds and Facility Director, Director of Club News, Entertainment Directors, Sports Director, Membership Director, Director of Club News, Hall Marketing Director

Board Members (in no particular order):

Janet Kunsch, Dave Mendler, Liz Hirn-Crane, Joe Koch, Kathy Stagat, Corey Kaune, Tamara MacDonald, Jennifer Mendler, Roy Stagat, Jen Schilling, Steve Kadlecik, Lexa Kadlecik

Miss Hubertushaus 2018

My name is Toni Stagat, I am the daughter of Roy and Kelly Stagat and my grandparents are Willi and Margret Stagat. My family and I have been members of the club for 10 years and I always enjoyed coming here and volunteering in the games room or the souvenir booth. This year as Miss, I look forward to traveling to other clubs and experiencing new cultures and traditions. Aside from the club, I am 21 years old and am currently working at Labstat, a tobacco lab located in Kitchener, as a product prep technician. Eventually I want to go back to school and take a course either focused on art or animals.