Our Team


President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Bar Director, Oktoberfest Director, Grounds and Facility Director, Director of Club News, Entertainment Directors, Sports Director, Membership Director, Director of Club News, Hall Marketing Director

Board Members (in no particular order):

Janet Kunsch, Dave Mendler, Liz Hirn-Crane, Joe Koch, Kathy Stagat, Corey Kaune, Tamara MacDonald, Jennifer Mendler, Roy Stagat, Jen Schilling, Steve Kadlecik, Lexa Kadlecik

Miss Hubertushaus 2019

My name is Maddy and I’m excited to be Miss Hubertushaus 2019. I have been volunteering at the club since 2012 when my opa, Helmut Banderob first suggested I do it to get my volunteer hours. After my first year, I was hooked and have volunteered ever since! The atmosphere at Hubertushaus during Oktoberfest is what I look forward to each year, especially the food. Having the chance to be Miss Hubertushaus this year means a lot to me.

Aside from the club, I absolutely love animals and have been working in the veterinary field for 6+ years. My boyfriend and I live in Waterloo and have our own little zoo at home which keeps me busy. When I do get a break from the animals, I enjoy spending time outside and visiting with friends and family.

I plan on going back to school in the future to become a Veterinarian technician as well as a dental hygienist.

I look forward to what the next year has in store for me and meeting lots of new people as I represent Hubertushaus. Can’t wait to see you out at Hubertushaus!